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What About Getting Passive Income From Investing in An Online Company?


Online companies are becoming more and more lucrative as an investment. It can be a great option for people wishing to get a passive income by investing in an online company. The digital world is a reality in our society and by not getting into the game may be a valuable opportunity missed. Let's look at some key points with regards to online companies, aged domain and the diligence required to make it work.


What is an Aged Domain?


The age of a domain refers to how long a domain has been running. It is a somewhat loosely defined term. It also refers to a domain which has indexed content. Here are few things to consider when buying an aged domain:


·          How many back-links does the aged domain have and what quality or traits do they possess?


·          The content that used to be hosted on the site is another important factor when buying an aged domain. You can use WayBack Machine to check what was previously hosted on the site.


·          Use Google’s keyword Tool to check the keyword/search phrase of the domain you are considering to buy. If there is not a market for the respective keyword/search phrase, it may render useless to you.


How to Go About Buying an Aged Domain:


DomainFace.com is a service for old domains that does it all for you. You don't have to spend hours researching aged domains manually. It is a time-consuming activity which may not leave with the best options available. Here is what you can expect from DomainFace.com:


·          There is a grained control to restrict the words and characters which appear in the domain name.


·          You can search by Alexa rank, backlink counts, directory inclusion, PageRank and more.


·          It also limits the sources and types of domain names which are to be included in the searches thereof.


·          Continuous development to offer you an increased amount of search options.


·          You may also search by pricing in a preferred currency. DomainFace will do the conversion on your behalf.


·          There are metrics that have been added for you to click through to the source of data for comprehensive analysis.


·          Restrict outcomes to domains that are of a minimum age and which are specified by you.


·          Metrics are linked so you can click through to the source of the data for further analysis


When Buying Domains:


Before purchasing old domains, it is vital that you do due diligence when buying a domain. It is the process of ensuring that there are no possible problems after you have made your purchase. One such act of due diligence is SEO due diligence. Here are few guidelines to ensure you are receiving value for money:


1.     Search for the domain name in Google


2.     Search for the domain name within quotes in Google


3.     Use Archive.org to search for the domain


4.     Check the backlinks on the domain


5.     Check the entire history


The Best Online Passive Income Business Investment ideas


The ideas for online businesses are endless, here are a few ideas which may generate a passive income.


·          Stock investing


Stock investing is a fantastic way to produce a passive income. On the average, the value of stocks appreciates by 15% per year. To make a success of stock investing it requires financial knowledge and thorough analysis to ultimately produce a profit.


·          Write a book or e-book


Have you discovered a topic, interest, or knowledge and can express it in a book or eBook form? This can create a passive income by simply writing something that is of interest to a particular audience. eBooks can be published on sites like Amazon, Kindle and Lulu.com.


·          Stock photos


Photography is a passion of many and is a source to generate a passive income. Websites need good quality photos to complement its content which creates a huge demand for stock photos. It is also a good way to constantly earn money off one photo as you will receive royalties each time someone decides to use your photo/s.


·          Develop a mobile application or game


Do you have a really good idea for a mobile application? Or perhaps a game that will be enjoyed by many? The mobile app and game industry is becoming increasingly lucrative and is worth a try should you have a great idea for a mobile app or game.


·          Online courses


Online training courses are starting to create a huge demand. It is the perfect solution for working people, stay-at-home parents and more. If you offer a valuable course it is guaranteed to create a passive income.


·          Blogging


Publishing quality, unique, and relevant information based around a specific knowledge, skill, or interest it could start an online business, generating a passive income. The aim is to drive traffic to your blog.


·          Videos


By publishing entertaining or problem-solving videos online, you can create huge earning potential.


The online business world is filled with plentiful opportunities and one such example is buying aged domains and performing due diligence to ensure the domain in question, is a viable one. Furthermore you will find the types of online businesses are almost endless and present opportunities worth considering for investment purposes.