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Not yet convinced? Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about our services.

Cecil J. Villagomez

I was confused and did not know which equity release scheme was the best for me but All Finance Saved helped me in my decision making. Their professionals explained the advantages and disadvantages of the different scheme and helped me to choose the one most suitable for me.

Amy C. Davis

All Finances Saved provided me with sufficient information and guidance and helped me to obtain an interest only lifetime mortgage. I can finally go on my dream vacation with the extra monthly income that I am receiving.

Charles N. Tull

My wife and I were struggling a bit ever since we both hit retirement. We were ignorant to the idea of equity release; however, All Finances Saved opened our eyes to the concept of equity release and has helped us to secure an additional source of income.


The happiness of buying and being an owner of a property is real big. Especially when you have spent your hard earned money in getting a property on your name! Some people have more than one property and may or may not give it on rent. For those who have vacant houses or flats lying useless, are you sure that you are not killing your house’s value? Or are you sure that making your property lie vacant is something really good? Well, NO! You can make a better use of your property with equity release schemes.

Equity release refers to using your house’s value in order to attain some lifetime or recurring earning through various equity schemes. There are tons of equity release schemes to choose from but choosing the best one for you can be tricky. All Finances Saved can help you in selecting the most suitable equity scheme for you. Make us your guide and we will prosper together!

Who we are?

All Finances Saved is a renowned company dealing in equity release for all types of properties as well as offering property investment opportunities. We have been into the equity release business for many years and have the knowledge and expertise needed to give you excellent advice. Leaving your house, flat or villa vacant is of no use especially when you can channelize it in the best possible available manner as to earn from it.

We have helped hundreds of customers in making the right use of their property and we can guide you too!

What do we do?

We, at All Finances Saved, deal in equity release and help our customers in releasing equity from their property as long as they are 55 years old or older and are looking for additional sources of income. We have been suggesting equity release schemes to our customers and are highly verse about the various schemes available in the market.

Benefits of Equity Release?

People usually go for equity release schemes because there are tons of benefits associated with them. The benefits offered by each scheme may range widely and depend on a lot of factors. Although, there are certain benefits which you will surely get irrespective of the equity scheme you opt for. These include –

•Tax Free Income!

The income you earn from equity schemes are completely tax free and no kind of tax is imposed over them

•Reduces inheritance tax

Having an equity release scheme can help in reducing inheritance tax which your estate might be paying

•Protection in down turn

When you opt for an equity release scheme, you get the no downturn guarantee which ensures that the fluctuation in housing market doesn’t bother you at all.

Let us get started…

Getting started with us is quite simple. Our advisors are always ready to assess your property and help you in ascertaining the best available equity release options for you. We will also make you learn more about the equity scheme in detail and let you know every little point before clicking in for a scheme. You can visit our website for more information or call us.